8 day cuckoo clocks with music

8-day music dancer cuckoo clock with fox and grapes
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8-day music dancer cuckoo clock with fox and grapes

Artikel: 8013MTdbr
  • Treated with special antique wax
  • Dimensions of the clock
  • Exclusive dial
  • 8-day music dancer movement
  • The clock plays alternately two melodies
  • The clock has four dancers
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● The carving is carved very detailed and deep.
● The hand-carved cuckoo moves and lifts his wings.
● The music is playing every full hour alternately 2 melodies on 36 voices.
● The dial and hands are made out of wood.
● The chains and other visible metal parts are burnished dark.
● The clock has a manual night shut off function.
● The Clock is treated with a special antique wax in the color dark oak.
● All carvings are hand-signed and manufactured by one person.
The dimensions of the clock are:
Length: 62 cm (24,4 Inch)
Width: 32 cm (12,6 Inch)
Depth: 24 cm (9,4 Inch)

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