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Unwrapping and hanging of your Original Black-Forest Cuckoo Clock

Troubleshoot: Your Original Black-Forest Cuckoo Clock does not work

Troubleshoot: The music of your Original Black-Forest Cuckoo Clock does not work

Troubleshoot: The cuckoo in your Original Black-Forest Cuckoo Clock is not calling


  1. Lay the clock face down on the table, open the back (A) and remove the paper strip from the gong wire (B).
  2. Carefully remove the clips with the green paper from the bellows (C). (These prevent the bellows from getting set in an open position during shipping.) Take care not to bend any of the lifting wires to the bellows.
  3. Remove the wire at the base of the clock. This will free the chains (F).
  4. If a head piece is supplied to the clock, attach the head piece by inserting the hooks provided in the roof section.
  5. Use a good size nail or screw at an angle so the clock will be flush against the wall. (D) The rule of thump is to hang the clock so that the center of the dial is just above eye level or the ends of the chains are just off the floor. To hang up the clock you will find a hole at the top of the back (E).
  6. Unlatch the cuckoo door (G). Hang the pedulum on the wire protruding out of the bottom of the clock (J). Hang on weight on each hook and start the pedulum in motion.
  7. It is important that the clock ticks evenly. Desregard a level or your eyes. Use your ears to make sure the clock has an even beat and you do this by tilting the clock minutely to the right or left while you are listening to the beat of the clock. Find the place where it ticks the most evently.
  8. Adjustment for regulation (slow/fast) is done sliding the leaf (H) on the pedulum stick up - to make it go faster and lower – to make it go slower.
  9. It is important to know that the cuckoo inside will go in sequence like 1, 1:30, 2, 2:30 etc. It does not know or care what the hands on the outside show. It is, therefore, up to you to synchronize the hand setting with what the cuckoo tells you it should be. You can move the hour hand (small hand) in either direction. It is a press fit on a tapered shaft. Should it become too loose in the process, gently push it toward the dial to friction fasten it. You can then set the clock via the minute hand (large hand) in either direction to the correct time.

Trouble shooting

  • Clock not running:
    1. Make sure the clock has an even beat. Tilt to right or left until it is even.
    2. Make sure the clock is flush against the wall so that the wire does not rub on the opening of the bottom of the clock.
    3. Make sure you have removed the wire holding the chains in place for shipping.
  • Not Cuckooing:
    1. Shut off lever should be in the -ON- position.
    2. Door must be unlatched.
    3. Clips must be removed from the bellows.
    4. Chains cannot be tangled.

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